Inter-Life is at EARLI 2009 in Amsterdam (26 August)

We are presenting some findings from our preliminary study of ‘Interdisciplinary Grounding’ of team members at the EARLI conference in Amsterdam.  The presentation slides will appear here shortly after the presentation at EARLI on Wednesday 26 August.

These slides can be viewed here using the Google viewer, or downloaded for personal viewing.

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Vic Lally

Here are the slides in Google Doc Viewer. This methods affects the layout and formatting slightly from the original, but allows you to view the slides online.

Links to download files

Sclater, M. & Lally, V., 2009. Bringing Theory to Life: towards three-dimensional learning communities with ‘Inter-Life’. In G. Rijlaarsdam (ed.) Fostering Communities of Learners: 13th Biennial Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI). Amsterdam: Graduate School of Teaching and Learning, University of Amsterdam, 190.

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