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Inter-Life: Interoperability and Transition

This is an ESRC/TLRP TEL project.  It is investigating the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to support skills development by young people to enhance their management of life transitions. It is developing a mobile and three-dimensional (3D) virtual community called ‘Inter-Life’.  Educational and social transitions have significant impacts on performance, motivation and identity formation.  Inter-Life offers the opportunity for participants to work together on transition activities in the community, whether they are logged in, or using their mobile device away from the desktop.  It  provides reflective and personal development tools and scenarios for transitions, to demonstrate the flexibility and robustness of the educational and technical designs.  In particular, the research focuses upon:

User engagement, co-design, and development
Identification of learning outcomes, processes, and skills acquisition
Participant identity formation and development associated with Inter-Life usage
Professional development of educators working in 3D communities

The project adopts mixed-method, technology-enhanced data gathering and analysis. Phenomenographic techniques are being used – analysing personal accounts of participants across a range of settings. The project is investigating identity development from an Activity Theory perspective, viewing identity as individual and social construct, rather than a fixed quality or ‘given’.  The project is possible because of the combined talents of our interdisciplinary team based at the Universities of Glasgow and Stirling, and also involving two highly respected expert consultants.

ESRC RES-139-25-0402

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